Proven Leadership

Protecting Taxpayers. Fighting Against Corruption.

Fighting for TAXPAYERS
As a Legislator, Lou D’Amaro never raised general fund property taxes. In Albany, he will continue the fight to protect Long Island families.

We need to win the war on opioids. As State Senator, Lou D’Amaro will work with law enforcement, teachers and parents to end this crisis and save lives.

We pay enough in property taxes and Albany is not doing its part. A father of two, Lou D’Amaro knows the state needs to contribute it’s fair share to our schools.

Protecting the ENVIRONMENT
Initiated a study to determine the feasibility of installing sewers in the residential areas within the towns of Islip and Babylon

Sponsored and Supported Legislation

Tax Relief
  • Held the line on County general fund property taxes.
  • Reduced spending on capital projects.
  • Established a blue ribbon commission to evaluate school district expenses and make recommendations to reduce spending.
  • Extended the first time homebuyer County property tax exemption.
  • Established a Cold War Veterans property tax exemption.
  • Expanded tax exemptions to spouses and un-remarried surviving spouses of veterans.
  • Commenced a sales tax enforcement action to recoup lost revenue from tribal smoke shops.
  • Supported tax abatements for residential real property owned by senior citizens.
  • Supplemented the existing Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) to benefit more Suffolk residents.
  • Established a Middle Income Home Energy Assistance Program (MI-HEAP).
  • Established the Homeowners’ Tax Reform Commission.
  • Expanded volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers real property tax exemptions.
  • Expanded veterans’ alternative real property tax exemption.
  • Supported amending the Real Property Tax Law for eligible reservists.
  • Supported enactment of the “Reverse Mortgages to Help America’s Seniors Act”.
  • Supported bringing a legal action against New York State regarding the MTA payroll tax.
Health & Safety
  • Established an automated calling policy prior to mosquito spraying in Suffolk County.
  • Prohibited all registered sex offenders from residing within a ¼ mile of the residence or workplace of their victims.
  • Required state of the art ignition interlock devices on vehicles to fight against DWI.
  • Passed laws prohibiting abusive dog tethering.
  • Implemented a countywide animal abuse registry.
  • Appropriated funding for a new Heroin Treatment Program for Young Adults.
  • Banned the use of trans fats in Suffolk County eating establishments.
  • Required the posting of calorie counts on chain restaurant menu boards.
  • Established a health plan for volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers.
  • Prevented sex offenders from being housed at general population emergency shelters.
  • Supported enactment of the 9/11 Heroes Health Improvement Act of 2007.
  • Appropriated funding to add more uniformed officers to the County police force.
  • Funded anti-gang programs.
  • Supported strengthening penalties for individuals who commit sexual offenses against children.
  • Established a new program in the Office of Women’s Services for mitigating domestic violence.
  • Supported tougher vehicle assault and manslaughter laws.
  • Donated decommissioned body armor vests to the United States Department of Defense to protect our citizen-soldiers.
  • Supported establishing a procedure for the civil commitment of sexually violent predators.
  • Established a “Safe Communities Initiative” Task Force to study the expanded use of security camera systems to deter crime and assist law enforcement efforts in high-crime areas.
  • Prohibited all registered sex offenders from residing near schools, day care centers and playgrounds.
  • Established the Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While Intoxicated (“STOP-DWI”) as a Division within the Probation Department.
  • Prohibited the sale of Dextromethorphan (DXM) to minors within Suffolk County.
  • Established a policy requiring the use of mercury-free vaccines in County Health Centers.
  • Implemented a comprehensive mosquito control and wetlands plan.
Quality of Life
  • Promoted the development of residential dwellings for first time homebuyers.
  • Supported the reduction of beach fees at County parks.
  • Required verification of certificates of occupancy and/or rental permits for housing used by the Department of Social Services.
  • Appropriated funds in connection with the reconstruction of Pulaski Road in the Town of Huntington.
  • Appropriated funds in connection with the reconstruction of Pinelawn Road and Ruland Road in the Town of Huntington.
  • Supported establishing an Energy Efficient Work Schedule Pilot Program.
  • Supported Memorial Day Observance program funding for Veterans Organizations.
  • Exempted deployed and mobilized active duty military personnel from County parks daily fees.
  • Authorized the Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation to identify dog parks.
  • Established a Tuition Assistance Program for Children of Fallen First Responders.
  • Supported the Combating Autism Act of 2005.
  • Supported authorization of a County registry for domestic partners.
  • Enhanced zoning and building code enforcement by Suffolk County towns and villages.
Protecting Our Environment
  • Initiated a study to determine the feasibility of installing sewers in the residential areas within the towns of Islip and Babylon
  • Appropriated funds in connection with the rehabilitation of Guggenheim Lake in North Babylon.
  • Supported additional parking for “Clean Pass” vehicles at County facilities.
  • Prohibited the application of nitrogen fertilizer during certain months to protect the groundwater.
  • Established a plastic bag at-store recycling program.
  • Encouraged purchase of hybrid, fuel efficient, alternative fuel and “clean fuel” and electric motor vehicles by supporting tax exemptions.
  • Preserved thousands of acres for open space including an acquisition of the Mohlenhoff property in the Town of Huntington.
  • Required the use of the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) Program for County construction projects.
  • Created a County Department of Environment and Energy.
  • Supported groundwater protection initiatives.
  • Promoted Energy-Efficient Environmentally-Friendly Dredge Projects.
  • Purchased hybrid/electric vehicles for the County fleet.
Government Reform
  • Supported the creation of a “Project Sunlight” program in Suffolk County to increase government transparency.
  • Provided residents with easy access to information regarding licensed contractors and consumer complaints.
  • Created an independent non-partisan redistricting commission.
  • Supported budget reforms for increased transparency and accountability.
  • Mandated County contractor compliance with Federal immigration law.
  • Supported the consolidation of county departments to save tax dollars.
  • Strengthened requirements for fiscal impact and revenue impact statements prior to legislative votes.
  • Created a County Department of Information Technology.
  • Encouraged and facilitated participation by minority group members and women with respect to Suffolk County contracts.